State Transport Minister to fight feds over ‘measley’ Gold Coast light rail funding

Queensland’s Transport Minister is planning to write in to Scott Morrison, demanding more funding for the Gold Coast’s light rail.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already committed $112 million to the third stage of the light rail, though has copped criticism from both the State Government and Council for being way too little.

State Government says the pledge is just not enough, with another $157 million still needed just to meet their fair share of the project, though Council has said they could compromise with just an extra $45 million.


As soon as Mr Morrison’s new cabinet is sworn in, he’ll likely receive a letter from State Transport Minister Mark Bailey, who says it’s time to honour the support the LNP received on the Gold Coast.

“What we saw is big primary swings against both Karen Andrews and new liberal candidate in Moncrieff with six percent and four and a half percent, so local Gold Coast residents are not happy with how federal LNP have been short changing the gold coast on the light rail.

“They’re not repaying the generosity they received at the ballot box with fair funding for the Gold Coast infrastructure.

“The Palaszczuk Government did the heavy lifting for stage 2 because we had to get it done in time for the [Commonwealth] Games.

“But to get this done we need a fair funding deal from Canberra.

“I think the Federal LNP thinks they’ve got three safe federal seats and so they under fund the Gold Coast consistently,” Minister Bailey said.

For stage one of the light rail, the State Government provided almost half of the funding.

For the second stage, which was rushed through for the Commonwealth Games, the State contributed over 64 percent.

“Since the Federal LNP got into power, they’ve slashed funding for Gold Coast infrastructure severely on the light rail, 23 percent now 16 percent.

“It’s getting to be pretty measly amounts,” Minister Bailey said.