States discuss plight of year 12 students

Education ministers are looking at every trick in the book to ensure year 12 students finish school this year despite the mayhem caused by the coronavirus.

Concerns have been raised about how the disruption caused by COVID-19 could damage year 12 results.

State and federal ministers will meet on Tuesday to canvass options including extending the academic year or postponing final exams.

They will also discuss boosting overall scores and changing university application procedures.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has floated the possibility of extending year 12 into next year, but his federal counterpart is not keen.

“All options will be considered tomorrow when we meet – that is an outlier option – that is in a very worst case scenario,” Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan told Seven on Monday.

“The hope is that we will be able to get everyone through this year.”

State and territory curriculum and assessment authorities will present all available options to the meeting.

Mr Tehan said responses to the pandemic would likely vary between jurisdictions.

“But there is a collective will amongst all education ministers for us to be able to ensure that all those year 12 students will be able to complete their studies this year,” he said.

“And then go on to university, vocational education or employment next year.”

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