Staycations help boost Qld tourism industry, but leaders want certainty

IT seems Queenslanders have rallied around their home state’s tourism industry, but leader says it’s simply not enough to keep the sector alive.

Newscorp reports that new data set to be released from Tourism Research Australia today, will reveal that we spent almost 10 percent more in the September quarter last year.

It means Queenslanders spent almost $270 million more on local holidays in that period, compared to the year before.


Over that period $2.7 billion was spent in total, helping smooth over the devastating effects of coronavirus on the tourism industry.

On the Gold Coast alone, our $6 billion industry has at least been halved, due to the lack of international travel and ever changing state borders.

As the industry continues to roll with the punches, leaders are calling for the federal government to again extend Job Keeper payments for those with tourism jobs.

The CEO of the Tourism and Transport Forum Margy Osmond says further support measures need to be in place now.

“We need border certainty domestically, we need international borders open when appropriate, but we are going to need ongoing federal government support for the industry if we’re going to have one (an industry) in 18 months time,” Ms Osmond said.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday ruled out making a promise on that just yet.

At the moment, Job Keeper support will finish at the end of March.

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Of course we have spent more in this state.
Mostly we are not allowed to leave QLD without the threat of going into some sort of quarantine upon return and paying $1000s for it.

Ok so some are raking in less profit than a year ago. But they are still bringing in the cash. And many people are still going on holiday to different places in Australlia although more people would go if the prices were not so high. Holiday places have raised their prices as they know people have no choice but to pay if they want a hollday. Rentals have gone up substantially too, and even the petrol stations are raising their prices even though the price of oil is at an all time low. It’s racketeering, it’s greed, and neither the media or government wants to acknowledge it.