Stephanie Rice undergoes emergency surgery in the US

SWIM star Stephanie Rice has had an unfortunate end to a holiday in the United States.

The Olympic champion has undergone emergency surgery after being diagnosed with appendicitis.

The 26-year-old admitted herself to hospital after suffering stomach pains.


Stephanie Rice in hospital. PHOTO: Instagram

Stephanie Rice in hospital. PHOTO: Instagram

Rice posted the photo above on Instagram, with the following caption:

“Not the ideal end to my US trip but finally heading home,” she wrote.

“I went to hospital 3 days ago with stomach pains which turned out to be appendicitis, which needed emergency surgery.

“It was all a bit scary, more so being in a different country and not having anyone there but I was so overwhelmed with the support and generosity from my new american friends.

“I feel very blessed to have such lovely, warm and kind people in my life!! Thankyou for all your help.

“Now I can go home to mummy and daddy showing a needle wedged in her right arm.”