WATCH: Jewellery store robbed in early morning ram-raid

Police say they have good CCTV footage of a brazen jewellery store robbery at Coomera early this morning and are hopeful of catching those responsible.

A stolen silver Audi Q5 was driven through the front glass doors of Westfield Coomera around 4.30am.

The driver of the vehicle then got out of the car and used a hammer to smash his way into the Wallace Bishop store while a second person remained in the passenger seat as the heist took place.


Detective Inspector Chris Ahearn says several trays of silver jewellery were stolen.

“We believe it’s around $6000 worth and then further there’s significant damage to the centre and the store,” Detective Insp. Ahearn said,

“We believe that damage to be in the vicinity of $15,000. A number of large glass doors and cabinetry were smashed by the offenders.”

Police say the robbery was over in minutes but was clearly captured on security cameras.

“We’ve got some good CCTV footage from the location. We’re looking for a Caucasian male who was wearing a black puffer jacket with a black beanie, black shoes and tan-coloured pants and a surgical mask over his face.”

Image: Queensland Police

The second person who remained in the car was wearing a balaclava.

The Audi was stolen from the Seven Hills area on Sunday and has distinctive roof racks.

Police say the vehicle is likely to have suffered significant damage in the robbery.

WATCH: Thieves break into Coomera jewellery store – 


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What was the security plan here?
No bollards at doors to prevent ram raids = fail
Curtains to close off a jewelry store = fail

I hate the filthy thief, but this was a pretty soft target, my house has better security and I’m not even trying.

That’s a female. Look how she runs and walks. Very fit as well. Maybe a trades person having skill with a hammer.