Stoned and speeding: Drug-affected P-plater clocked at 123km/h in a 60 zone

A TEENAGE boy who was caught driving at dangerous speeds through suburban Sydney was allegedly high on drugs at the time.

Police clocked the 17-year-old travelling at 123km/h in a 60 zone along Moorebank Ave in Holsworthy at around 11.50pm on Friday.

The teen was fined for exceeding the speed limit over 45km/h and his license was suspended.


The boy was also subjected to a roadside drug test which police say returned a positive reading for cannabis.

Further action is pending in relation to results of the drug test.

It comes as police warn motorists to slow down after more than 1000 drivers were caught speeding on day one of Operation Go Slow.

Double demerits will be enforced during the operation for speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt, and motorcycle helmet offences.

The highly visible traffic operation will wrap up at 11.59pm on Anzac Day.