Stood down Titans duo given deadline to get flu shot

THE future of Gold Coast Titans duo Bryce Cartwright and Brian Kelly should become a little clearer in the coming days, with the club issuing a flu shot deadline.

The NRL club confirmed on Tuesday night it had made formal requests to the stood down pair to “obtain up-to-date influenza and, as required, pneumococcal vaccinations.”

Cartwright and Kelly are the only two players in Queensland to have refused to get the jab, going against the directives from the Queensland Government.


They have until tomorrow to notify the Titans about whether or not they will receive the vaccination.

“Doing so will enable each player to meet the requirements of the Queensland State Government’s protocols allowing Queensland-based NRL Clubs to train and play,” the Gold Coast Titans said in a statement.

“In turn, this will allow both players to resume training and to play with the Titans when the NRL Telstra Premiership resumes on May 28.

“Both players have been asked to notify the Club of their agreement with this direction by Thursday 14 May.

“The Gold Coast Titans will be making no further comment on this issue until that time.”

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Unless they’ve personally had an allergic reaction to a vaccine, (a 0.000008% chance according to CDC statistics covering all vaccinations), there is no valid argument for refusing the vaccine. Although the decision not to vaccinate may be evidence of an Acquired Brain Injury so they probably shouldn’t be playing anyway.

USA sued for billions due to vaccine damage. Read some statistics.

Show us the statistics

Isn’t it the hole idea they get the flu jab in case they get the cornavirus and the flu together as it could be really dangerous together and isn’t that more hurtful to your family then a jab.Carolyn

How disgusting that players are banned if not injecting unsafe vaccines. People have a right to choose.

I cannot have the flu shot every time I had it in the past I would be down for 5 days to a week, and I rarely get the flu (don’t remember the last time I did, been years). Who knows if they have the same problem.