“Stop this stupid behaviour”: Calls for hoon crackdown after latest M1 stunt

There are fresh calls for Police to come down hard on hoons, after a new video of them doing burnouts on the M1 at Yatala was posted online.

It’s believed to have happened on Saturday night, after the video was uploaded on Sunday to the ‘187 Cartel’ Facebook page.

The video depicts a white ute almost slowing to a stop on the M1 through Helensvale, before doing multiple burnouts in front of the ‘Gold Coast’ sign.


It’s not the first time hoons have published disturbing footage of rampages throughout the Gold Coast, with other videos coming to light just two weeks ago.

Acting Mayor Donna Gates says even without seeing the footage, it’s just not acceptable.

“It was raised in a conversation with neighbourhood watch and police last week.

“The police are aware of it, it’s their job to address that issue.

“It’s unforgivable that hoons are putting lives at risk by doing such stupid things on the M1.

“The M1 of all places, where we have 180,000 vehicles every day travelling that stretch,” Ms Gates said.

The Division One Councillor went on to say that more needs to be done by the police to ensure this behaviour doesn’t continue.

“It has to stop.

“Police need to find those people and treat them really harshly and get serious about stopping this stupid behaviour,” Ms Gates said.

PHOTO | Screenshot from Facebook video