Storms headed for the Coast

HAIL has fallen in parts of southeast Queensland, as a cluster of winter thunderstorms moves through the region.

The cells were tracking through Brisbane at 3:30pm, bringing lightning, bursts of heavy rain and strong wind.

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed small hailstones have fallen near Esk, west of the capital.


The storms are moving in an east, southeasterly direction and are approaching northern parts of the Gold Coast.

3:30pm weather radar | Source:

At the time of writing, however, the cells were not severe enough to warrant a severe thunderstorm warning.

Earlier, the Weather Bureau forecast the chance of a thunderstorm on the Coast.

All thunderstorms generally produce lightning, and many produce gusty winds, brief heavy showers and hail.

Severe thunderstorm warnings are only issued when storms are expected to produce wind gusts of 90km/h or more, large hailstones 2cm in diameter or bigger, very heavy rainfall leading to flash flooding, and tornadoes.

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