“Story has changed so many times” No new cases as health authorities accuse Qld nurse of lying

Queensland Health has confirmed that there have been no new cases in Queensland overnight, however there has been a shock development into the investigation of a suspended Rockhampton nurse who contracted coronavirus.

It’s been two weeks since the woman tested positive to the illness after working at the North Rockhampton nursing centre, with Deputy Premier Steven Miles declaring the outbreak at the facility is thankfully now over.

“That two week period is what we would normally consider the safe incubation period, in that time we have performed 1500 tests on Rockhampton locals and all of those have come back negative,” Minister Miles said.


“The investigation is underway but it is great news that we can declare that that outbreak is over with just that one case which is quite an incredible outcome.”

In a surprise development this morning, both Minister Miles and Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young have accused the Rockhampton nurse of lying about her movements to contact tracers.

It comes after it was revealed she illegally travelled to Blackwater during the coronavirus lockdown, with authorities still trying to work out whether she was the source of infection for 30-year-old man Nathan Turner, who passed away earlier this week.

It has also since been revealed that the nurse did, in fact, travel overseas to Kuala Lumpur in March, which she allegedly failed to disclose to authorities.

“It’s incredibly disappointing that someone would even lie to public health officials,” Minister Miles said at a press conference on Friday.

“When a public health officer contacts you, it is important you are honest, truthful and fulsome with what you tell them.

“There are literally lives at risk… We need you to tell the truth.”

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said an investigation into the nurse was underway.

“I don’t have any of the specifics because the story has changed so many times, so I think it’s best that we wait for the investigation and we sort it out,” Dr Young said.

“That’s currently being finalised and it’s very important we can do that and get some additional information from that individual because her story has changed over the time frame.

“She gave us one story and then subsequent to that we have found out additional information, so we need to try and untangle and sort that through that’s very very important.”

How COVID-19 victim Nathan Turner contracted the virus remains a mystery as he hadn’t left his Blackwater home for more than three months and there had also been no cases in the town or the region.

“We’ll be able to look at the virus if we’re able to sequence it from both her [the nurse] and the gentleman in Blackwater,” Dr Young said.

There are now just six active cases in Queensland, with one of those in intensive care.

The state total remains at 1058.

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The nurse responsible should be facing charges of public endangerment and manslaughter if she is found to be the direct source of infection passed to the now deceased Blackwater man. She should also be fined with breaking quarantine rules. There is no possible way anybody can claim not to know (and particularly a nurse) that if you returned from overseas and were showing even mild symptoms you had to quarantine. To go anywhere knowing you where a risk is bad but to continue going to work in an aged care facility ? Selfish, Selfish, Selfish. And what’s worse is the Nurses Union defending her. If she had been responsible for another bad outbreak and potentially uncontrollable outbreak, this would have not only endangered the general public but particularly those frontline nurses who the union really are supposed to be protecting. If the government doesn’t take a tough stance on this kind of blatant flouting of the law regarding extremely serious health issues, I can see it becoming a much bigger problem in the future.

Perhaps you should direct your outrage at the same government that you insist should take a “tough stance” on people trying to go about their lives. The same governments that allowed a ship full of people ashore, international travelers arrive unchecked and a government that locked down a town and used fear to support a politically motivated border closure.
What is presented in mainstream and “social” media is very often short on fact and overly endowed with emotion. Calling down the wrath of authority as you do creates resentment and division, especially if uninformed.

[…] Dr Jeanette Young should […]