Strange jaw found on banks of Coomera river

SOCIAL media was abuzz with theories last night after this bizarre jaw bone which, at first glance, looks strikingly similar to that of a crocodile was found on the banks of the Coomera river.

Trefyou Enefeit stumbled across the uncanny bone while walking the banks of the Coomera river on Sunday.

“It’s got me buggered, I’ve never seen a jaw like this,” he said.


The discovery caused a storm on social media, after Trefyou posted a picture of the 20cm long jaw he’d found to the popular Facebook page, Gold Coast Fishing Fanatics.

Many readers were left convinced that crocodiles were stalking southeast waterways.

But it didn’t take long for the ‘experts’ to quash that theory.

Instead, the jaw bone was identified as belonging to a Common Pike Eel, which is known to grow up to almost two metres long.

The Pike Eel has an elongate body and a long, narrow head with large pointed teeth located at the front of its lower jaw.

Common Pike Eel

Common Pike Eel IMAGE: