Strangest sick day excuses

AMERICA’S oddest sick day excuses include waking up in too good a mood to work and lighting a uniform on fire by trying to dry it in the microwave.

CHICAGO, Oct. 23 (UPI) — The oddest excuses U.S. workers have given for missing work include getting stuck in a blood pressure machine and accidentally boarding a plane, a survey found.

CareerBuilder, a Chicago-based jobs website, said its annual survey of workers and hiring managers found the strangest excuses given to bosses for missing work include having just put a casserole in the oven, plastic surgery requiring extra “tweaking,” a broken ankle resulting from a woman’s legs falling asleep while she was sitting on the toilet and still having money left over to gamble on the Monday following a weekend at the casino.


The excuses passed on to the online Harris Poll, conducted Aug. 11 through Sept. 5, also included waking up in too good a mood to work, being lost following a “lucky night,” getting stuck in a grocery store’s blood pressure testing machine, attempting to holistically heal a gall stone, a burnt uniform resulting from an attempt to dry it in the microwave and accidentally boarding a plane.

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