Strawberry needle accused has all charges dropped

A Queensland woman accused of sabotaging strawberries with needles has had all charges against her dropped in a shock move this morning.

My Ut Trinh was due to face trial in Brisbane this week charged with seven counts of contamination of goods.

However, the court was today told that prosecutors had officially dropped all charges.


“The prosecution have indicated that they will no longer proceed against you with these charges,” Justice Michael Byrne said.

“You are now discharged and you can leave the dock.”

The 51-year-old had previously been accused of inserting sewing needles into strawberries while working at the Berrylicious farm on the Sunshine Coast in 2018, sparking Australia’s strawberry contamination scare.

After news of the contamination first broke, dozens of ‘copycat’ cases began popping up across the country, with reports of needles in strawberries, apples, oranges and even bananas emerging in every state and territory.

The scare brought the strawberry industry to its knees, with financial losses estimated to have been around $160 million.

It also forced the federal government to introduce harsher penalties for those caught tampering with food.