Street racers busted after overtaking undercover police car on NSW

TWO teenage boys have lost their license after they were busted by undercover police drag racing through a residential area at deadly speeds in Lake Macquarie.

The officers were patrolling the 70kph zone of the Pacific Highway at Blacksmiths in an unmarked vehicle when they were overtaken by two Toyota Corollas travelling at 135kph shortly before 2pm on Wednesday.

The officers activated their lights and sirens and pulled the vehicles over and spoke to the two drivers.


The pair, a 17-year-old boy on his red P-plates and a 19-year-old male on his green P-plates, had their driving privileges suspended on the spot.

Police say they are expected to be issued future service court attendance notices for illegal street racing and exceeding the speed by over 45kph.

Defect notices will also be issued for both vehicles due to their non-compliance with vehicle standards.