Street sweepers attacked and robbed

A man has been released on bail after allegedly attacking two council workers in Sydney.

Police say the men were cleaning with a street sweeper and petrol blower on Mary Street in Granville, when they were approached by the man around 1.30am on Saturday.

It’s alleged the man began abusing the driver of the sweeper truck before shining a laser pointer into his face.


The man attempted to open one of the truck’s doors but was unsuccessful.

He then turned his attention to the worker with the blower, who tried to get away, but was allegedly hit in the head.

That caused him to drop the blower, which was allegedly snatched by the offender and used to hit the truck, smashing a side mirror.

He suffered a minor head injury, but managed to get away in the truck with his co-worker.

They reported the matter to police who found a 45-year-old man at the scene in possession of a blower and laser pointer.

He has been charged with robbery, malicious damage and using a laser pointer in a public place.