Stretching to help victims of domestic violence

A Gold Coast yoga centre is the latest group to respond to recent domestic violence deaths.

Two mothers were allegedly murdered by their exes on the Gold Coast in the past fortnight.

So Essence of Living at Mermaid Beach has decided to host classes on Saturday to raise money and awareness for the Gold Coast Domestic Violence and Prevention Centre.


Donations of $10 of more will be welcomed on the day.  Participants will hear from Louise from the DV Prevention Centre on the day.  She will give a short talk at the beginning just to let everyone know what they can do to help.

Yoga Instructor Vicky Hogg said the aim is to raise awareness about domestic violence and funds for victims.  “I think the people that can have the most influence, isn’t people that are directly involved in domestic violence, it’s the bystanders, it’s the people that haven’t got anything to do with it but these are the ones that can make the biggest social change”.

“After everything that’s been happening over these last few weeks, we just really thought it was time to I guess rally the community together to show our support”.

She said they also want to send a message that “we’re not happy with this and we really want to stand together and say that this is not acceptable and really to shine a lot of love and a lot of light on this situation”.

Ms Hogg added that “you can’t fight violence with violence, we need to address this subject with just an overwhelming amount of love..

She said we also “need to let all women out there, especially on the Gold Coast, know that we’re here as a community to support them if they want to take that move to get out of these relationships”.

“We just need to let everybody know that we’re standing together, we need men and women to come together as one”.

The special Shine the Light sessions will be held at Essence of Living at Mermaid Beach on Saturday.