Stricter border rules imminent as virus creeps closer to Queensland

The state government has issued stern warning to all Queensland border communities, including the Gold Coast, hinting that more border restrictions are imminent.

It comes as eight more local government areas in New South Wales goes into lockdown, due to fears of an outbreak in the north west of the state.

The Premier and Deputy Premier will be meeting with Mayors all along the border line today, to try and find ways to limit the movement of people as much as possible, while not inconveniencing communities too much.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she’s prepared to do everything she can to keep Queensland safe.

The Deputy Premier and I will be having a phone call with the Mayors along the border communities — to reinforce that nobody should be crossing the border to go into New South Wales at this stage. 

“To Queenslanders who live on the Gold Coast – New South Wales border as well, or any Queenslanders in some parts of our state, please do not cross into New South Wales.

“We will be monitoring the situation extremely closely over the next 24 to 48 hours.

“We do not want to see that as far as creeping north. If we have to implement harder measures, we will.

“I am urging Queenslanders, do not go into New South Wales.

“Of course, we have essential workers that have to do but now was not the time to cross the border to do your shopping,” the Premier said this morning. 

The Deputy Premier says limiting movement and increasing vaccination is all we can do to avoid the virus coming into Queensland.

“We’re concerned about the ongoing creep of cases north in New South Wales towards the Queensland border,” Deputy Premier Steven Miles said.

“Throughout the pandemic we’ve worked with border communities to address their unique circumstances and ensure that they can move around the communities.

“We’ll spend today working with the Mayors, to ensure we can strengthen those border protections to stop those cases coming across the border.

“As well as bolster the vaccination rate.

“They’re the two best defences we’ll have available on the border,” the Deputy Premier said.

Health authorities will continue encouraging border communities to come forward and get vaccinated but it’s not yet clear whether or not more vaccines will be allocated to southern Queensland communities just yet.

“We will have a solid push in those border communities out in the western part of the state to really push those people who live in those communities that they get vaccinated,” Doctor Jeanette Young said.

“Because that will protect those people and protect Queensland as well. All of these things are so important,” she said.

There were eleven new coronavirus cases diagnosed overnight, but none of them are concerning authorities.

They’re all linked to the Indoorapilly cluster and were isolating during their infectious period.