Stripper pleads not guilty to glassing Neighbours actor at Gold Coast strip club

A stripper has pleaded not guilty to the assault of a ‘Neighbours’ TV star in a strip club in court this morning.

26-year-old Danielle Lee is facing a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm, after allegedly throwing a glass in Scott McGregor’s face at Hollywood Showgirls back in April.

It’s understood McGregor was visiting the club with a group of friends after a day of golf.


Police alleged a verbal spat happened between the two, before Lee threw a glass at the actor in a ‘fit of rage’.

McGregor received a 1cm cut on his face as a result.

Lee pleaded not guilty to the charge at Southport court this morning, after negotiations to avoid court failed.

Her lawyers claim her actions were justified because McGregor was verbally abusive and had provoked her.

McGregor categorically denied verbally abusing Lee, and testified that she’d become aggressive after he refused a dance.

It’s understood McGregor was not able to recall how many drinks he’d consumed before the alleged assault took place.

The court also heard that McGregor has had a history of public drunkenness and aggression towards women.

Lee is expected to testify when the trial resumes in October.