Strong winds, dangerous swell for Gold Coast beaches

Strong southerly winds picked up on Saturday afternoon, bringing with them a cool change and rough surf.

All Gold Coast beaches remain open under the supervision of Council Lifeguards, but they are warning inexperienced swimmers and surfers to stay on dry land.

“Southerly protected corners of Burleigh, Currumbin Alley, Snapper and Rainbow are quite nice for the boardriders and a bit safer for swimmers,” Lifeguard Supervisor Luke Ingwersen said.


But, there is a warning to stay away from open beaches, including putting off walking near surf-exposed areas.

“On the open beaches it’s a really strong southerly wind, really strong current pulling to the north and a dangerous dumping shore break, so swimmers need to take care,” Mr Ingwersen added.

He said surfers will be very keen to get out, but stressed only the most experienced should tackle the waves.

“For boardriders this is the weekend they’ve been waiting for quite a few weeks. There hasn’t been much surf, so surfers are getting quite excited.”

Rock fishers should avoid coastal rock platforms, while boaters planning to cross shallow water and ocean bars should consider changing or delaying their trip.