Strong winds, huge swell batter Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has been smashed by strong winds and some heavy showers with more wild weather still to come.

An east coast low formed off the Fraser Coast late on Thursday and is expected to move closer to the Gold Coast throughout Friday.

Wind gusts of 72 km/h have already been recorded at the Gold Coast Seaway while they have hit 63 km/h at Coolangatta.


They’re expected to get as high as 90 km/h throughout the day.

With the low-pressure system staying off the coast, rainfall is expected to be limited today however, the BOM is still forecasting between 20mm and 30mm for the Gold Coast.

“The coastal parts will collect the peripheral rainfall. We still are expecting some unseasonal rainfall totals from that,” BOM forecaster Helen Reid said.

“We’re not expecting any flooding concerns, but we are making sure that we’re keeping an eye on those rivers.”

IMAGE: Windy

Large and powerful surf has also started slamming the coastline with the swell increasing to almost 4 metres.

Waves of almost 8 metres have been recorded off the Seaway while waves of 6 metres have been detected off Tweed Heads.

All Gold Coast beaches are closed today and will remain closed on Saturday.

Gold Coast Chief Lifeguard Chris Maynard says conditions are simply too dangerous.

“None of the patrol areas are open for a swim and if you do enter the water at all for a surf, only experienced surfers definitely on those southern point breaks,” Mr Maynard said.

Locals are also being urged to reconsider even walking along the beach during the weather event.

“With that powerful easterly swell, with that you get a lot of current and a lot of moving water…if you’re getting down to the beachfront, just be wary on those incoming tides.

“There is a bit of a tidal surge as well so you can get knocked off your feet quite easily. So it’s best to sort of stay away from the beach.”

The big swell is expected to continue on Saturday and possibly into Sunday.

However, the rain and winds should ease late on Friday and into Saturday morning.