Student suspensions on the rise for Gold Coast schools

It’s been revealed school suspensions are rising at an alarming rate at Gold Coast schools.

The latest figures from the Department of Education show that Gold Coast students have collectively missing more than 15,000 days of school every six months.

Last year there was a near 15 percent increase in suspensions across the coast.


The schools with the highest numbers include Upper Coomera State College, Keebra Park and Coombabah State High School.

It’s understood a rise in violence, particularly against staff, could be to blame for the skyrocketing figures.

However, Men of Business founder Marco Renai, who works with at-risk boys on the Gold Coast, told 1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan, Emily Jade and Christo says the problem goes deeper than that.

“The biggest problem these days is, they’v just lost the ‘why’.

“We’ve just disconnected from the education system as to what our boys need today.

“We work with a lot of boys, and basically just getting them to understand what their why is, what they’re doing at school.

“Trying to mentor them and give them the life skills that they’re maybe not getting at home.

“There’s a big why, and also a big mentoring and support community that’s missing around these boys.

“They’re sort of thinking well ‘what am I even doing here?’ ‘What’s the point?'”

Gold Coast MP Meaghan Scanlon told myGC the state will continue to work with schools to make sure staff and students feel well supported.

“I have a lot of faith in our school system and our educators.

“The state does fund a range of programs to support a range of students and teachers.

“We are open to new ideas, we want to make sure we get the best results and the best outcomes at school.

“It’s so important for peoples’ future, but of course it’s complex and there a range of factors that teachers have to deal with everyday.

“We’l’ continue to listen to teachers involved and all students to make sure we get the best outcome,” Ms Scanlon said.