Students and robots compete in Robotics Challenge at Griffith

Nearly 200 students from four countries have brought their robots to Griffith University on the Gold Coast to compete in the 3rd Australian Robotics Challenge.

The kids from China, Korea, Philippines and Australia will pit the robots against each other in a number of challenges: Creative Technology, Mission Challenge, Line Tracing, Symposium and 3D Design.

Griffith University’s Associate Professor Jun Jo said it was an opportunity for local students to experience new technology and exchange knowlege and skills with other kids from around the world.


One of today’s challenges was a dance off – which Assoc. Prof. Jo said even helped teach the students about each other’s culture.

“This morning, for example, there was humanoid-robot dancing and the Chinese groups brought robots dancing with Chinese fans to traditional music,” said Assoc Prof. Jo.

“So a lot of the Australian kids get to experience some new things they may not have seen before.”

Robots dancing at griffith university

PHOTO: Cam Jackson /

Assoc. Prof. Jo said the value of robotics to education was growing internationally.

“Robotics is not just about the hardware, but how to code it – what mathematics and physics are involved,” he said

“So many countries are realising their kids should begin learning about it as early as possible to become world leading experts.

“They’re finding the best ways to learn is to teach it in mathematics, science, engineering, programming and so on.”

The 3rd Australian Robotics Challenge will run until Sunday.

Robot driving along a line

PHOTO: Cam Jackson /