Students stranded, translink’s bus changes a dismal flop

BACK TO SCHOOL this week has shown how ineffective Translink’s public relations campaign on new bus services on the Gold Coast has been, according to Member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas MP.

Eight students in Clearwater Estate were left waiting on Wednesday morning for buses that were scrapped on January 20.

Mr Douglas has questioned Translink’s capability to notify residents about the changes.


“The whole idea of a PR campaign is to educate the public on bus changes. With so many people left in the dark, I think you’d have to say the campaign was a dismal flop,” Mr Douglas said.

“Fortunately a well-thinking mother ran her own shuttle service to the Nerang school bus interchange, else these students would have been unable to get to school on time.

Translink claims to have distributed 200,000 booklets to Gold Coast residents, informing of the changes.

“I’ve yet to meet many residents who have received a booklet,” Mr Douglas said.

“A few hours running an information booth at Nerang’s My Centre shopping centre is insufficient to educate the public about massive bus changes in Nerang, which are now little better than third world.

“It is insulting to Nerang residents to continually read Translink’s newspaper advertisements that the Gold Coast public bus service is undergoing transformation, because residents serviced by Yarimbah Drive and Dungadan St buses have a significant reduction in services finishing mid-afternoon and no weekend services.

“It may be a case of shutting the gate after the horse has bolted, but  residents need to tell Translink they are unhappy with the changes to bus services, else little will change.”