Students unite in record numbers against bullying and violence

QUEENSLAND school students are uniting in record numbers for the fourth annual National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

Minister for Education John-Paul Langbroek said already more Queensland schools had signed up than any other state for the national event on Friday 21 March.

“I am so proud that our Queensland school communities are leading the charge against intimidating and damaging behaviour,” Mr Langbroek said.


“More than 175,000 students from 305 Queensland schools have so far registered to participate.

“That’s 55 per cent higher than registrations this time last year – across all Queensland schools.

“It is heartening to see state, independent and catholic schools unite to send a strong message that bullying and violence is not okay.

“Last year Queensland led the nation with around 500 schools and almost a quarter of a million school children participated in activities on the day.”

Mr Langbroek said Queensland schools continue to be proactive and work with students in a positive way to plan special assemblies, newsletters, quizzes, poster competitions and art galleries, as well as making music, games and video clips promoting anti-bullying.

The National Day of Action is an initiative of all education authorities as well as an opportunity for schools across Australia to showcase the important work they’re doing to create safe and supportive schools that are free from bullying and violence.

Australia-wide more than 1000 schools and just under half a million students to date have committed to marking this important day

Registrations are open for another five weeks and all Queensland schools are urged to register at