Study shows Friday the 13th IS unlucky for motorists

While most of us only think of Friday the 13th as myth, statistics show you ARE more likely to be out of luck on the roads that day.

But it’s not just the 13th you have to look out for, all Fridays are unlucky for drivers.

Nevertheless, there is a spike on Friday the 13th and it happens right across the world.


In 1995, Finland declared the day National Accident Day to heighten awareness about safety.

An Australian study by Youi insurance shows there is a higher chance of getting into a prang on a Friday with the most dangerous driving times during peak hour traffic.

CEO Frank Costigan said the increase can be put down to congestions and motorists being more eager to get where they’re going.

“Friday nights and the weekends are busy social times when we often get out and about with friends and family,” he said.

“There’s increased road safety dangers associated with this socially active period, our research showed 41 per cent of crashes which occur on a Friday night and across weekends contained a passenger, a 53 per cent increase on other days of the week.”