Stuff you Brisbane!

The announcement of the formation of the AFL’s National Women’s League was easily the most momentous Australian sporting moment of the season, perhaps the century….

And it still pi**ed me off!

Why, in the name of Ablett, did the Gold Coast miss out on a team?


And to Brisbane of all places!

Doesn’t the AFL realise that all brisso’s do each weekend is travel south to the Coast just to get away from the place?

The announcement of the 8 team comp meant the Gold Coast Suns were always a flip of the coin chance to win their bid as their only rival were the Lions.

And that looks exactly what the geese at AFL HQ did to decide it, flip a coin.

Seriously, the Gold Coast not only needed it, but the Suns are the perfect place for a Womens AFL team to be based.

Firstly, it would have almost doubled the crowds to Metricon almost overnight, making the whole club financially stable and almost single-handedly killing off NRL and rugby league in general as a legitimate rival within the space of one generation.

The Gold Coast would have been an AFL city. Forever.

Secondly, surfing/life-saving/triathalon/iron woman in summer, footy in winter – it’s not hard people!

Thirdly as I mentioned above, half of Brisbane empties every Friday afternoon and travels south to the beautiful GC anyway – may as well let them watch some women’s footy while their down here.

And lastly, if you’re going to give a franchise to one expansion club in Sydney (the Giants) and snub the long-established Swans, then at least be consistent and do the same in Queensland!

Maybe if the Lions hadn’t been the basket case they are right now perhaps things might have fallen the Suns and the Gold Coast’s way.

Or maybe this is just another example of the Gold Coast not been respected as a city or as a place where success can be born.

Seriously Brisbane, is it not enough that we have to put up with your sandal-and-jeans clad weekend warriors funnelling onto our beaches every Saturday like Brisso’s to a rip?

Now we have to leave the beach early to make time for the extra 20mins we will waste patiently waiting in traffic for the other half of your city that stayed behind that weekend to attempt a successful merge.

All to see a game of footy full of girls who (let’s face it) will mostly be from the Gold Coast anyway.

I know I know I should be happy that this amazing, culture-changing announcement even happened at all (and by the way congratulations to all the young women and girls of the Gold Coast who finally get to grow up playing the game they love like we boys have done for, oh, only 100 years or so).

Let’s hope it takes a little less time to get a women’s side here on the Coast than the 110 years it took for to get a men’s team!

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