STYLE CHAMBERS: Work 2 Play – ‘Tis The Season!

‘Tis the (silly) season and it’s called the silly season for a reason! Our social diaries quickly fill with post-work social outings, Christmas parties and catch ups with friends and family that can leave you exhausted just thinking about it.

As Andy William’s crooned, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” … at least until you open your wardrobe in the morning and try to work out how to transition from the boardroom to the bar!

Don’t overthink this my lady friends! Let’s make this easy. We’ve enough on our Christmas canape platters without having to labour over what to wear. With a few quick tweaks, you can evolve from staff member to social soiree goddess in minutes.


Let’s work from the ground up:

Fancy Feet
If you’re in flats or conservative courts for the office domain, pack a wedge or a statement heel to change into and rock that pretty pedi you had on the weekend.

Outfit Overhaul
If you’re wearing a skirt or pants and matching jacket, change up your foundation top to something that screams fun – think a more daring neckline if you’re happy with your decolletage, bold colours and prints or embellished fabrics like sequins, laces and leathers. Leave the jacket at the office if you please or push up the sleeves for a more relaxed look.

Accessorise to Mesmerise
Lose the conservative earring, and add a statement earring (chandelier style will rock) or statement necklace to dazzle with colour, glamour and style. For a few dollars and mere seconds to change into the effect will have you feeling in the mood.

Pop the work tote or handbag in your car boot and pack the mere essentials into a clutch. Lipstick, cash and cards, keys and phone should keep you out of trouble!

Making It Up
Pack a small make-up kit in the morning – mineral powder to freshen up foundation, a shimmer stick or bronzing powder and then decide whether to play up your eyes or lips for your party-ready look, then pack the bold lip colour or your eyeliner and smoky eye palette for a quick afternoon makeover.

Smell’s Good
Keep some wipes in your handbag. They’re fab for times when your armpits crave a shower but you don’t have access to or time for one. A spritz of deodorant and/or fragrance will never go astray, nor will a swig of mouthwash.

Hair We Go
Lastly, just before you step out the door, it’s all about the hair.

If you’re having a bad hair day – let’s be real, in our humid climate with afternoon rain showers, it’s a real first world problem for us ladies – slick it back into a pony or up into a top knot (so add some pins, hairbands, comb/brush and spray to your kit in the morning).

Otherwise, sweep it into a care-free top knot in the morning then let it down just before you head out. You know how good your hair looks in the morning after it’s been in a top knot all night and then you take it out? Give it a good spray to keep that fabulous volume.

Easy peasy. A piece of Christmas cake. Now you’re ready to get into the Christmas spirit…or any other beverage you care to name.


This article originally appeared on Style Chamber’s blog and has been republished with permission.