Suncorp customers in Qld and NSW encouraged to lodge claims as soon as it is safe

Suncorp is urging customers impacted by the flooding in South-east Queensland and the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales to lodge their claims as soon as it is safe to do so.

Suncorp’s brands include AAMI, GIO, Apia, Suncorp Insurance, Vero, Bingle, Resilium and CIL.

Suncorp spokesperson Rob White said the insurer is readying additional Customer Response Teams to enter the affected areas as soon as the floodwaters recede and the local authorities provide the all clear. “We are urging customers to get in touch with us as soon as it is safe for them to do so. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start the claim process to ensure the quickest possible path to recovery,” said Mr White.


“Your safety is the number one priority, please do not enter your homes unless the authorities say it is safe to do so. You don’t need to be at home or have a copy of their policy to lodge their claims – we’ll have your details on file. We can arrange emergency make-safe work, organise temporary accommodation for customers whose homes have been severely damaged and provide cash payments to make emergency purchases.

“There are many of customers on Australia’s east coast affected by Tropical Cyclone Debbie and the subsequent flooding. Suncorp wants to reassure everyone that we have the capacity to ramp up our response to such a widespread event.”

Suncorp has currently received more than 3300 claims for the total weather event and is continuing to increase its call centre capacity to assist with an increased number of calls. Wait times may be longer than normal.

Mr White also urged customers to stay safe as they inspect the damage. “Floodwater is extremely dangerous, so please take every precaution. Do not enter floodwaters or allow
children to play in them,” said Mr White. “Beware of fallen power lines and debris. Once again, do not enter your home unless it is absolutely safe and you have the all clear.”

Tips for customers
If you have been able to safely return to your home:
o Ensure electricity and gas supplies are switched off before re-entering.
o Do your best to dry out your home or business by keeping it as ventilated as possible.
o Get wet contents out of the house and make a list of damaged items.
o Make sure you have all electrical appliances professionally tested prior to use. We can arrange this
– let us know if you have a large number of these items when you lodge your claim.
o Boil tap water until supplies have been declared safe.
o Do not eat food that has been in contact with floodwater, or unrefrigerated.

Prepare for your claim:
o If you have damaged goods or contents, take a photo of them if possible.
o Feel free to throw away all food in your refrigerator – do not wait for an assessor to come to your
home. Take a picture if possible.
o If your carpet is flood damaged, please rip it up and take it outside, but please keep a sample to
help us replace it.
o Keep a record of model numbers or serial numbers of items you are throwing away to help us
replace them.

Claims contact details:  AAMI: 13 22 44 | GIO: 13 14 46 | Apia: 13 50 50 | Suncorp Insurance: 13 25 24