Suns and Hawthorn at war over O’Meara trade

Gold Coast Suns Chairman Tony Cochrane says he is disappointed with how Hawthorn has behaved in their approach to a trade deal for star Jaeger O’Meara.

He revealed on AFL Trade Radio on Wednesday morning that the two clubs are a long way from agreeing to terms.

“Hawthorn yesterday afternoon proposed to us to exchange Jaeger for pick 10 and pick 48. From our point of view that was a pretty easy exercise to reject,” Cochrane said.


The club has set a deadline of 2.00pm tomorrow for Hawthorn to come up with something much better.

“They’ve talked a big game here and they’ve talked it up publicly for 6 or so weeks,” Cochrane said.

“To be honest I thought Hawthorn, been the professional club they are, would have listened to our initial position, would have come along with a very early draft pick and a player that we could accept and we all would have got on with life. But unfortunately that hasn’t happened.”

The Suns are still holding on to some small hope that O’Meara may have a change of heart and decide to stick with the club, if there’s no better offer on the table.

“Until the last 20 seconds of this period I’ll cross my fingers and hope somehow, miraculously, he decides to stay with us,” Cochrane said.

The Suns boss admits it has been a rough time for the club and while they remain positive, things aren’t getting much better.

“This is a tough environment to build a football club in up here. We’re in the heartland of rugby league territory. Queensland is a dominant rugby league state, they’ve on everything for the last ten years. So, it’s a time when we have to stand up.”

Cochrane admits they’re struggling to retain key players and they need to start winning more games if they’re any chance of retaining stars in the future.

“The moment that they’ve got out of their contract they all want to choof off back to Melbourne or Adelaide or Perth.

“All we’re going to be is a training ground.”

In terms of the Dion Prestia trade, things are looking much better for the Suns, with Cochrane confident a deal will be done shortly.

“We’ve worked very effectively with Richmond and I think we both feel we have arrived at a comfort position there and I’m very confident that deal will be signed and lodged today.”