Suns haters have no idea about footy

Anyone jumping on the ‘suns are stuffed’ bandwagon either has a hidden agenda or knows absolutely nothing about footy.

From Metricon to Melbourne and everywhere in between the footy world has once again begun to jump all aboard the Suns hate train to the point where this morning I read the headline ‘Did the Suns stuff up getting Gaz?’

Really AFL website… Really??


But forget Gaz for a minute, let’s approach this chronologically shall we.

Take three of the best midfielders out of any side and they will struggle to win games.

Take a star key forward from any club and they will struggle to win games.

But not the Suns.

Despite losing Bennell and Dixon in the offseason and having Swallow and O’Meara on the long term injury list, after three games the so-called strugglers from the Gold Coast were undefeated at the top of the table.

In fact, as the Suns were beating seven shades of Richmond out of Carlton on that third Saturday of the season the footy world was praising them for ‘having made it’ as a club on the back of a strong away win over Frementle the week before.

The superlatives flew, joyous predictions of finals and flags were rife.

What this bandwagon of so-called experts should have been commenting on was the injury to key defender Rory Thompson late in the Carlton clash.

A week later and May (and McKenzie) joined Thompson, May for 5 weeks!

With no key defenders and an understrength midfield the Suns travelled to Geelong and were flogged.

What a shock.

A week later, just two weeks ago now, the Suns were within a few kicks of the competition leaders until very late in the game yet were still criticised by everyone and their aunties.

Fast forward back to last Saturday and the Suns were back at home facing a very beatable Melbourne side.

They were in front at qtr time in fact.

And then injury struck again.


Another two running midfielders in Rosa and Sexton down early in the second quarter.

So let’s recap shall we…

No key defenders and five of their let’s say top 8 midfielders at the club all out, 2 players down in the rotations and up against a young team on the rise.

The Suns held until they couldn’t hold anymore and when the dam wall broke which it was always going to, the footy world once again jumped on the ‘Suns are stuffed’ train.

Take out Gibson, Frawley, Lewis, Hill, Shiels, Smith and Hodge!

Take out Richards, Grundy, Jack, Kennedy, Mitchell, Heeney and Parker!

NO club, not the Kangas, not Sydney and not the mighty fighting Hawks can win with the players the Suns have minding the pine.

So wise up Suns haters and check who is (and who is not!) out on the park before flapping off about how stuffed the Suns are or how buying one of if not THE greatest player to ever play the game was a mistake.

…or alternatively, call the Giants and ask them to bench their two key defenders and five of their best eight midfielders this week and then see how the Suns are going.

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