Suns learn new word to start 2017

Gold Coast footy fans were treated to something new at Metricon Stadium on Saturday night with the highly-fancied home side finding an entirely new way to lose.


If you didn’t watch the Suns play at the weekend and picked up a paper Monday morning you’d have read about a ‘thriller’, a ‘nail-biter’ or an ‘epic Q-Clash’.


But if you did watch the game on TV or were one of the 17 Suns supporters slumped in the stands then, well let’s just say you saw a different game.

Incidentally if you were at the game as a Suns member please do email in or leave a comment about the various creative ways you went about your ceremonial membership burning at the weekend.

But back to this new term we Gold Coast footy fans must now learn.

Given these five-syllables are seldom spoken north of the Tweed (especially when it comes to discussions involving a Sherrin) perhaps I should take this time to define the word (after all I am sure there are Titans fans reading this equally unfamiliar with the term).

Overconfidence (noun): The quality of being too confident, excessive confidence.

Example: ‘you have to guard against overconfidence’

You sure do.

It was as obvious as the Suns lack of two-way run that the local side had been reading a few too many positive headlines leading up to the season opener.

Being a $1.14 favourite wouldn’t have helped ‘guard’ against this new feeling creeping into the mindset.

For those that didn’t watch the game, here is a stat – 17 minutes into the second quarter the Suns trailed by 47pts.


That would be the Suns who recruited amazingly well last year, who have a fresh, fit list and who started the 2017 season with a ‘no more excuses’ mantra.

The Suns who wanted to play finals in 2017.

Those Suns.

Despite trailing by almost 8 goals anyone who said the game was over was seriously overestimating the ability of the Lions (both in general and in this game specifically).

The Lions did what they were allowed to do.

No more and no less.

Everyone at the ground and watching at home knew the Suns would eventually play half well, and they did after half time.

That’s why this loss was so hard to take for Suns fans.

With ten minutes left to play the Suns kicked a goal to get within 1pt….

And dropped off a cliff.

Pressure, hunger, killer-instinct – every skill and instinct they had used for a quarter and a half to get back into the game was shelved as that new word they had recently learnt reared it’s ugly head again.


Like a sprinter who is winning with 50m to go who waves to the crowd only to get pipped at the post by a more determined opponent, the Suns played that last ten minutes as they had the first quarter thinking the game was theirs already.

The Lions won by 1pt.

The Suns lost by so much more.

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