Supanova held amid ground-swell of Superheroes and super women

It’s only the sixth time the Supanova Comic Con and Gaming Expo has been held on the Gold Coast, but it’s already drawing comparisons to the internationally famous San Diego Comic Con.

“Every city has a massive tour, but there’s something special about when Supanova comes to the Gold Coast – it feels like the whole city gets involved,” author and pop-culture commentator Maria Lewis enthuses.

“Restaurants decorate their shop fronts, there’s the parade in Broadbeach. All that stuff’s amazing and it kinda feels like San Diego Comic Con in the US,” she explains to myGC.


The hugely popular expo officially kicked off on Friday night and will run all weekend at the Broadbeach Convention Centre, so locals can expect to see plenty of cosplayers out and about.

The phenomenon continues to expand and draw in new fans, with more than 25,000 people expected to visit the expo.

And then there’s Sunday’s parade, the only one of its kind in Australia, where thousands will walk Broadbeach streets decked out in their best costumes, led by Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi (main picture) in his iconic car, Bessie.

Capaldi, also much-loved for his potty-mouth character in The Thick of It, is the headliner for this year’s events with fans shelling out $104.60 for an autograph from the 12th incarnation of the Doctor.

Make that $114.86 if you want a photo!

Lewis, who has gone from being a journalist covering the event, to an invited guest on the circuit through her widely acclaimed Who’s Afraid? series, welcomes the ground-swell surrounding all things ‘geek’.

“When I was growing up on the Gold Coast, there wasn’t a comic book shop here, I had to go up to Brisbane. It’s just not the way things are anymore which is wonderful!”

Lewis is also a major advocate for the current female movement that is taking hold across the globe.

“I think any woman who’s a fan of pop culture and is a fan of their stories being told, by them, can’t help but be excited about what’s happening at the moment,” she says while congratulating fellow local girl-done-good, Margot Robbie.

“I’m a massive fan of Margot Robbie, because I think she’s really someone who puts her money where her mouth is.

“She rocketed to fame and had a lot of success early on as someone in front of the screen, but she’s now not only investing in her own skill-set but the talents of other people off-camera as well.”

Robbie has recently championed to have a female direct the Harley Quinn spin-off movie following the success of Suicide Squad, saying she would only sign on if that happened.

Move over Princess Elsa, it looks like young girls will soon have a countless number of incredible, strong and fierce characters to look up to and ‘cosplay’ with.