Supanova Spotlight on author Maria Lewis

We’ve all heard of Gold Coast-girl-done-good Margot Robbie, but what about Maria Lewis, another successful export from our city?

Just like the Hollywood actress, Maria loves changing her hair colour. But instead of sticking with the traditional blonde or brunette tones, she prefers mermaid-like tresses of blue or green.

Currently sporting the later, Maria would usually be easy to spot in a crowd. But this weekend she won’t be the odd one out as she mixes with cosplayers at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo.


Speaking to myGC in between engagements on what is a jam-packed schedule, the now Sydney-based author couldn’t hide her anticipation at seeing how many fans would dress up as her protagonist, Tommi Grayson from the hugely successful Who’s Afraid? series of novels.

“It blows my mind, because when it happens once it’s extraordinary, but now it’s happening nearly every convention – at least two or three Tommi Graysons come up to me,” Maria gushes.

“I think it’s what every author wants to do – write something that connects with people,” she adds.

What Maria is most proud of is her character’s connection with women from diverse backgrounds. You see, Tommi Grayson is a bi-racial werewolf.

Maria herself is of Polynesian heritage and was born in New Zealand, before moving to the Gold Coast as a young girl where she was raised in a multi-generational household and developed a love of horror stories.

“The idea that superheroes and comic books are a boys’ game is such an outdated attitude,” Maria says.

“We have so many amazing female superheroes at the moment and it’s really great that Supanova supports that.”

If you thought female authors were all about lovey-dovey romance novels, you are hugely mistaken.

Maria’s supreme imagination dips into an extremely dark place in the follow up novel to her best-selling debut, Who’s Afraid?.

Who’s Afraid Too? moves from Scotland to Berlin where Tommi, along with her love interest/mentor Lorcan and a few mates uncover a mob of engineered werewolves undertaking the most horrific crimes imaginable.

“I kind of wanted to up the stakes and up the ante a little bit, so Berlin was the perfect city to do that.

“It also really captures a lot of Tommi Grayson, she’s a bit of a riot girl/punk chick.”

Where to next?

“Maybe Ireland, a bit of Berlin and New Zealand,” she says while staying vague about what’s to come in the much-anticipated third installment.

“It’s tentitively titled ‘Who’s Still Afraid?’ or maybe ‘Who’s Still Afraid This Summer’,” she jokes.

Whatever the title, it’s bound to continue building Maria’s very own ‘Wolfpack’ of followers and cement the hard working former life saver as one of the Gold Coast’s biggest exports.

Check out more on Maria at her website, and by following her on Facebook.