Super Hornets to buzz the Gold Coast at speeds of up to 555km/h

Get ready adrenaline junkies, you’re in for a treat today with the Royal Australian Air Force announcing that they will be conducting a low level flying exercise over the Gold Coast with two of their most potent weapons.

Two F/A-18F aircraft will fly as low as 45m above ground level and travel at speeds up to 555km/hr off the coast today.

The Royal Australian Airforce said the aircraft will depart from Amberley at 2.00pm and transit to the western airspace in South-West Queensland for high level air to air training before descending to begin the low level navigation exercise from south-western Queensland to Evans Head.


“The aircraft will transit northbound along the coast at low level all the way to the Sunshine Coast before returning to Amberley,” the Airforce confirmed.

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The exercise is an important part of training that ensures officers maintain skills in low level navigation.

•    Timbarra National Park: 2.50pm
•    Evans Head: 3.03pm
•    Lennox Head: 3.09pm
•    Byron bay: 3.10pm
•    Gold Coast / Coolangatta: 3.18pm
•    The Gold Coast Spit: 3.21pm
•    North Tip of Sth Stradbroke Island: 3.27pm
•    North Tip Moreton Island: 3.33pm
•    Bribie Island: 3.36pm
•    Sunshine Coast: 3.40pm
•    Wivenhoe Dam: 3.50pm

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