Supercars investigating stray shock absorber at GC600

Supercars officials are looking into claims a large piece of debris flew onto a Surfers Paradise balcony after a nasty crash during the GC600.

Scott McLaughlin clipped the wall at turn 3 during qualifying yesterday, which then sent him hard into the concrete wall on the driver’s side.

The impact caused the car to go up on its side, and sent debris all over the road.


Luckily, Scott McLaughlin was uninjured in the event.

It wasn’t until later, that a part of McLaughlin’s Ford was found several stories up on an apartment balcony.

Photos published by appear to show a shock absorber on the balcony, along with a considerable amount of damage.

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It’s understood the large piece of equipment crashed into table, and luckily didn’t injure any of the apartment’s occupants.

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GC600 Event Manager Melissa Stephens confirmed this morning that they are looking into the claims.

“At the moment it’s an unofficial report that we’ve got.

“CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) and Supercars are investigating further at the moment.

“Motorsport is a dangerous sport, until we can get that further information and know exactly what happened – and there’s obviously a lot of moving parts around what did happen – so once we’ve got that it’s definitely something that will get out with more information,” Ms Stephens said.

GC600 winner Shane Van Gisbergen says he’s hasn’t come across anything like this before.

“That’s pretty rare… normally everything’s safe, the wheels are tethered and everything.

“We saw some huge accidents this weekend and everyone walk away okay.

“The safety these days the circuit’s awesome, cars are awesome.

“I think everything’s progressing in a good direction for that,” Van Gisbergen told reporters this morning.