Supermarket giant Coles to build a store at Pacific Pines

WOOLWORTHS may soon have some competition in Pacific Pines, with Coles reportedly set to build a store in the suburb.

The Bulletin reports, Coles paid $4.125 million for a 1.015ha site – located at Norris St, Pitcairn Way and Binstead Way – in December and plans to build a store there.

The site was already set aside for commercial development but had remained undeveloped as the previous owner, Paratei, got into financial trouble.


Division 5 councillor Tracey Gilmore told The Bulletin Coles’ representatives had outlined plans to develop a shopping centre.

“They need to look at entrances and exits to the site,” she said. “Hopefully they will have a shopping centre operating there soon.”

Coles has yet to release plans for the site, but commented saying they bought the site as part of their “ongoing property strategy”