Supplies flown to stranded students at camp in Far North Qld

An army helicopter has flown food, medical supplies and clothing to students and staff stranded at an adventure camp in Far North Queensland.

Education Minister Grace Grace said the Australian Defence Force took advantage of a break in the weather late yesterday afternoon to transport supplies to the Echo Creek Adventure Camp which has been cut off by floodwaters.

“I am very pleased that all students, staff and carers at the camp have now been resupplied with food, medical equipment and other necessities,” the Minister said.


“They are safe and on high ground.

“I spoke with one of the teachers by phone yesterday and she confirmed they are in good spirits.

“I want to express my sincere thanks to the helicopter crews that delivered food, medical supplies and clothing to the camp and to all of the agencies who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen.

“That includes officers from the education department, Queensland Police Service, Australian Defence Force, Department of Housing and Public Works and other emergency services and disaster management authorities.”

The Minister said one student and a parent had been evacuated by the Australian Defence Force for pre-existing medical reasons.

Fire and Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford said securing the children’s safety was their first priority.

“As I parent, I know just how important it is for your children to be safe and well – and the welfare of these children is paramount,” Mr Crawford said.

“They are in a secure area and while they may be surrounded by flood water, they are high and dry and in good spirits. The teachers have been wonderful, and I understand neighbouring properties around the area have been helping out the children as well.

“We will continue to monitor their situation closely,” he said.

Police had advised that the risk was too high to move remaining students and staff from the camp site.