Be sure to switch off before heading out this Christmas

WITH thousands of Gold Coasters heading away for Christmas, Energex is urging holidaymakers to switch off non-essential electrical appliances before leaving home.

Energex’s Community Safety Manager Aaron Smith said by switching off appliances at the wall people can not only save on electricity but also help keep their home safe while they’re away.

“By going from room to room and switching off before heading off homeowners can save in the hip pocket and reduce the likelihood of an issue such as a fire occurring with an unattended electrical appliance,” he said.


“For those lucky enough holidaying for extended periods, consider cleaning out and switching off fridges, and any other energy-intensive appliances that would use a lot of electricity while they are away.

“Power consumption can also be reduced by completely turning off smaller electrical items like TVs, computers, microwaves and stereos rather than leaving them on ‘standby‘, which still uses power.

“Standby power can account for up to 10 per cent of a home’s electricity use, so switching these appliances off will reduce electricity consumption while people are away from their home.

“It’s also important pool pumps and solar PV systems remain connected to ensure these continue to do their job.”

Mr Smith also urged people to use energy wisely while in their holiday accommodation.

“Holidaymakers are often tempted to leave air-conditioners running full speed for the duration of their stay,” he said.

“I would encourage people to consider the environment, and help us reduce peak electricity demand by setting air conditioners to 24 degrees, and switching the air con off when nobody’s in the room.”