From Surfboards to Floor Boards: GC surf industry icon changing lives with plastic houses

After years of creating Firewire surfboards, Surf industry icon Nev Hyman has established Nev House and is changing the lives of thousands of people around the world.

The award winning Nev House concept was designed by Mr Hyman and leading Sydney architect Ken McBryde.

The Nev House Project recycles plastic, aluminium and other materials to create flatpack housing out of modular components, which can be used to assemble everything from homes to halls.


The modular structures are made from recycled plastic materials and are rated to withstand up to category 5 cyclones. Their low cost makes them ideal for developing countries and disaster relief.

According to Mr Hyman, “The project has the potential to make a real difference to the world.”

“The Gold Coast would also benefit from the strong international links that this project will generate and it has the potential to create jobs, while bringing a brand new industry to the city,” Mr Hyman said.

“The Gold Coast is the preferred location which will include a manufacturing facility, corporate offices, an R&D facility, a training centre, accommodation for guests, and a model village showcasing homes, schools, medical clinics, and off grid clean water, clean energy and sanitation solutions.”

myGC caught up with the local eco warrior – you can watch the video below to hear more about the amazing initiative.