Surfside denies Miami High students ‘dumped’ off bus

Surfside Buslines has responded to claims, one of its drivers left Gold Coast high school kids stranded.

A parent told myGC, Miami High School students were greeted by a ‘grumpy’ bus driver on Friday afternoon.

He claimed his daughter was on the bus when the driver told four students they couldn’t get on because they didn’t have their bus passes or money to pay.


This goes against the ‘No Kid Left Behind’ policy, introduced in the wake of the abduction and murder of Sunshine Coast schoolboy Daniel Morcombe.

The father also claimed a group of other students was dropped off at the corner of Christine Ave and Mattocks Road, as the driver wouldn’t turn down Mattocks Road, which is part of the usual route.

But in a written statement to myGC this morning, Surfside has denied that claim.

“Our investigations utilising on board GPS technology confirm that the service traveled as scheduled and did not deviate from its route along Mattocks road,” the statement reads.

Surfside did not respond directly to the claims of children being refused boarding on the bus.