Surfside slams newspaper for ‘inaccurate’ road rage allegations

SURFSIDE have released a statement, clearing their bus drivers of any wrongdoing after the Gold Coast Bulletin reported  bystanders were almost run down after a heated argument ­between two drivers at Harbour Town on Saturday.

The Bulletin published claims that a bus driver endangered members of the public after driving on a footpath before becoming involved in a 15-minute argument with another driver in an apparent road rage incident.

CCTV footage obtained directly from the buses has allegedly proven the series of alleged claims to be incorrect and inaccurate.


Head of Operations Surfside Buslines, Les Manson released the statement on Monday, clearing bus drivers of any wrongdoing.

“The bus did not, at any time, drive on a footpath or drive on a garden to go around the double-decker bus. The bus was at all times on the designated roads and parked in allocated parking bays,” Mr Manson said.

“At no time were passengers in danger and no argument took place. Both drivers were interviewed by Surfside management and deny an argument took place; pointing out they are good friends outside of work.

“Both buses were parked in designated holding bays for drivers on scheduled breaks. The double-decker bus was not broken down or blocking any transport vehicles from normal travel.”

Surfside management met with the drivers today and reiterated their full and unwavering support to them.

Both drivers have been commended on their professionalism in dealing with these unfounded allegations.