Surge in hospitalisations as Queensland COVID-19 wave worsens

There are fresh warnings for Queenslanders to take the new wave of COVID-19 “very seriously”, with the Premier urging everyone to stay at home if sick and consider wearing a mask.

It comes as the state is fast approaching the same amount of COVID hospitalisations we saw during the peak of the omicron wave in January.

There are currently 859 people in hospital with the virus, including 14 in ICU.


Active cases in the state have surged to over 44,370, with 7,517 new cases recorded overnight.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has admitted the current third wave is “really testing our health system” and is urging the state to take necessary precautions.

“I know there’s quite a bit of community concern out there at the moment,” the Premier says.

“I encourage everyone else to take this very seriously and go and get your booster. The best way that you can protect yourself and your family is to go and get your booster.”

Senior community members specifically have also been strongly encouraged to think about wearing a mask when in crowded areas or in indoor settings.

Meanwhile, the message remains the same for individuals feeling a little under the weather.

“If you are sick, stay at home. Do not go to work,” the Premier says.

“You could be spreading influenza or COVID to your work colleagues, so please think seriously and if you are sick, stay at home.”

The Premier has confirmed health authorities are monitoring what is happening in our hospitals “very carefully”.

The current COVID-19 wave is expected to peak in late July to early August.