Surprising truth about binge drinking

Are you sitting down? If not, grab a seat. You may be…. Shooketh, by this information.

I was recently informed that the guidelines for “binge drinking” are far, far lower than I had previously thought.

Four standard drinks within 2 hours, for women.


Five standard drinks within 2 hours, for men.

These are standard drinks, my friends. A standard glass of wine is 100ml, and the glass you receive at a restaurant or bar is generally 150ml, or the equivalent to 1.5 standard drinks.

And, let’s be honest… the glass of sav blanc or shiraz we pour ourselves at home is more than likely to cross well over the threshold into two standard drinks!

One bottle of wine is generally around 8 standard units, which means consuming half of a bottle of vino is considered binge drinking. Come again?!

While it obviously comes as no surprise that drinking alcohol isn’t good for our health, it’s when you dive into the nitty gritty of just how “un” good it is that the concerns start piling up.

Drinking alcohol, and more specifically drinking too much alcohol:

Increases your risk of many types of cancer.

Increases your risk of dementia.

Increases your risk of stroke, heart failure, fatal hypertensive disease, fatal aortic aneurysm and heart disease.

All of this flies in the face of the brilliant news we brought to you last week, which confirmed that a couple of glasses of red wine each night could actually be healthy for you.

After a very celebratory festive season where I hit the happy juice fairly hard, I committed to cut down on my alcohol consumption in 2019. I still have a bevvie or 5 when the occasion calls for it – a birthday party or a work dinner, for example – but day-to-day, a sip of wine doesn’t pass my lips.

I’ve lost 7kg and my skin is clearer. Plus, it sounds like my long-term health is going to benefit from my new regime, so that’s a win.

Maybe this is a cautionary tale of striving for balance, rather than total abstinence?

What do you think? Does the Australian culture promote binge drinking, and are you okay with your current consumption habits?