Survey finds Tweed locals unimpressed with jet skis and commercial fishing

A recent survey about the Tweed River Estuary has found locals aren’t impressed with the amount of commercial fishing and jet skis on their river.

More than 1200 locals were asked last year, by the Tweed Shire Council, about their values of the estuary, their concerns on a number of issues, and how the river could be better managed.

The response showed there was general support for a wide range of both passive and active activities on-water and on-shore. But some activities were seen as less acceptable – such as commercial fishing. The Council said in its report that this was probably because of a “perceived conflict” with recreational fishers, and concerns about declining fish stocks due to overfishing.


Jet ski use was also frowned upon by many of the survey respondents because of how it conflicted with other on-water activities.

That being said, the report said most people were happy with other more passive water-based activities such as river tours and motorised boating.

“Water skiing and wakeboarding were also considered acceptable uses by the majority of the community, although at lesser rates,” the report said.

The survey results also showed that while most locals believe the river is in a good condition, there are still concerns about how certain issues should be managed if the river is to remain healthy such as: fish stocks; bank erosion; siltation; poor water quality; usage conflicts; lack of bank vegetation; the need for improved access and facilities; enforcing existing boating rules; and litter.

Read the full report online here.