Survey reveals men are happier when their partners stay at home

Men are happier in their relationships when their partners do not work and stay at home, a survey has revealed.

The household study showed that rising unemployment across Australia, especially among men, has posed a significant risk to relationships.

‘When you look at men’s relationship satisfaction, it’s at at its highest when their wife is not in the workforce. Those traditional gender roles die hard,’ the author of the report, Professor Roger Wilkins told The Australian.


The annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey revealed that marriages across the county are more unstable if a male is unemployed rather than their female counterpart.

In South Australia, unemployment is higher among men than it is in women and consequently sees more marriages in crisis

‘I guess all things being equal, men would prefer their wife at home and managing the household,’ Prof Wilkins said.

The report proposed that a household income did not affect the happiness of the couples that were surveyed and that 50-hour weeks, for those who worked full time, did not lead to relationship dissatisfaction as one may suspect.

Professor Wilkins said this is due to long work hours often being a financial necessity rather than a choice.

‘If they’re doing that successfully then that obviously makes both parties happy,’ he said.

The survey has focused on the same households for 14 years and of the 4374 couples it interviews, 465 have since separated.