Suzi Taylor may not get her Block prize money

The Block’s Suzy Taylor may not receive her $174,500 prize money, according to new reports.

Nine are reportedly withholding the money as the 44-year-old breached her contract with the network by doing unapproved interviews with the media.

A representative from Nine told the Daily Telegraph: “Suzi has broken her contract by talking to the media. We have told her the terms of her contract many times.”


Taylor found herself at the centre of controversy  throughout her appearance on the reality series.

Before the show even went to air, nude photos of her as a Penthouse Pet were leaked to the media. She also collapsed on the set of the show, did a stint in rehab and was photographed wearing only a g-string bikini bottom in Melbourne during the Spring Carnival.

She has also been linked to Nine television presenter Richard Wilkins after they were spotted getting close at a function in October.


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She is an utter disgrace and if she broke her contract so be it, Von learnt it all anyway Suzu was to busy flirting and doing god knows what. I feel for her kids .

Give Suzy her money channel 9 stop the bad sportsmanship get over it don’t be haters she did the show so wake up and good on her if her body was good enough to be a playboy pet so what their are worse things in the world to worry about stop being pettie ?