Most beaches reopened as swell settles – for now

UPDATE 9:00 AM WEDNESDAY | MOST Gold Coast beaches have reopened following a week of wild surf, but we’re being warned it’s the calm before the storm with rough conditions set to return.

All but two beaches on the Coast were open to the public on Wednesday morning, a stark contrast to Monday when all beaches were closed.

The beach at Main Beach and Narrowneck, however, remain off-limits and further closures are likely later in the week with rough conditions predicted to return from tomorrow.


TUESDAY 11:30 AM (by Rebecca Dakin) | Some Gold Coast beaches have reopened, as large swells die off in areas.

Lifeguards have decided to reopen Greenmount, Coolangatta, Kirra, North Kirra, Bilinga and 4th Ave Burleigh due to conditions settling down slightly mid-morning.

Though majority of Gold Coast beaches remain closed today, and could stay closed for another few days.

Lifeguards say they will continue to monitor all beaches and urge beach-goers to be cautious in the hazardous conditions.

TUESDAY 8:30 AM (by Rebecca Dakin) |All Gold Coast beaches have been closed, as large swells continue battering the coastline.

While conditions look to have eased slightly since yesterday, a hazardous surf warning is still in place.

Chief Lifeguard Warren Young says it’s simply too risky to let beach-goers and holiday makers in the water today.

“It seems to have settled down a bit, still quite dangerous inshore with a lot of currents.

“The swell has eased slightly, but the inshore current is no less dangerous, it’s much the same as yesterday.

“It looks like the wind and swell is going to pick up again after today.

“It’s just one of those things that we really can’t be too cautious.

Mr Young says experienced surfers should head down to the southern point break, but not to overestimate their abilities.

While holiday makers are encouraged to keep clear of the ocean, watching the surf is a different matter.

“Go look at the surfing at Snapper Rocks or Kirra.

“Experienced surfers are really loving it,” Mr Young said.


TUESDAY 5:30 AM (by Rebecca Dakin) | LARGE swells are expected to continue hammering Gold Coast beaches but conditions are expected to gradually start easing across Tuesday before another rise towards the end of the week.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a Hazardous Surf Warning for Tuesday across Gold Coast Waters as well as the Fraser Island Coast and Sunshine Coast Waters.

“Current surf and swell conditions are hazardous for coastal activities such as rock fishing, boating, and swimming in the warning area,” the warning reads.

“These conditions are expected to gradually ease through this morning.”

Current forecasts say the long period easterly swell will gradually ease during this morning, but is likely to redevelop late on Thursday.

On Tuesday, the easterly swells are expected to be around 2 to 2.5 metres, decreasing to 1.5 to 2 metres through the afternoon.

On Wednesday the swells will remain around 1.5 to 2 metres before increasing to around 2.5-3 metres on Thursday.

We are likely to see more showers develop across the Gold Coast on Thursday and Friday as well.

A number of beaches were closed on Monday but lifeguards are yet to make a decision about whether that will happen again today.