Swimmer stung by stingray at popular Gold Coast beach

A swimmer has  being stung by a stingray at Nobby Beach.

Paramedics were called to the beach along Albatross Avenue near Lavarack Rd just before 3.30pm.

A female had been stung on the foot.


Queensland Ambulance Acting Senior Operations Supervisor Allan Windsor says it appears the female stepped on the stingray while exiting the surf.

“When we got on scene the crew discovered a puncture mark to her foot.

“But before we arrived the lifeguards on the scene had her foot in a bucket of warm water just to help numb the pain.”

The patient was transported to Robina Hospital in a stable condition.

Mr Windsor admits incidents like this don’t happen very often on the Gold Coast.

“To the best of my knowledge its not very common but we are in their environment they do live in the ocean, so yeah, I haven’t seen in one for a while but it’s not saying it doesn’t happen.”