Swimmer sucked out to sea on the Gold Coast

A MAN is lucky to be alive after being sucked out to sea on the Gold Coast.

The man was missing for more than two hours after disappearing while swimming at Burleigh on Saturday morning.

A major search and rescue operation followed, involving scores of surf lifesavers who took to the water on jet skies and in inflatable rescue boats.


The Westpac rescue helicopter was also called in to scan the beach from above.

Then, around midday, more than 120 minutes after he was last seen, the man was spotted bobbing up and down in waters out past the shark nets.

Lifesavers plucked the man out of the ocean in a rescue boat from Kurrawa and safely returned him to shore.

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Jayden you missed a lot of details in this over dramatising it.
The swimmer was not swimming at burleigh and ended up at kurrawa.
He was in a race from burleigh to surfers paradise and the race takes up to 3 hours on average.
Just get a few more facts it adds to the reputation of your outlet when you get it right.

Whoever the author of this piece was did a poor job. It must of been reported through Facebook or something. No explanation of what s***ed him out of the water. I imagine a poor use of words. He was probably s***ed “out” to sea in a rip. Their I just made more sense than this article.