Sydney brothers the latest confirmed dead in NZ Volcano tragedy

Two Sydney school boys have now been confirmed dead, following the New Zealand volcano disaster.

13-year-old Matthew Hollander and 16-year-old Berend Hollander were touring White Island with their parents when the deadly eruption occurred on Thursday afternoon.

They tragically died in hospital as a result of their injuries.


Ben and Matthew Hollander | PHOTO Supplied

The boys were part of a group of 24 Australians touring the island off the east coast of NZ North Island.

Their parents, Martin and Barbara Hollander, are still considered ‘missing’, though their names are reportedly absent from the list of people New Zealand police say are unaccounted for, which could mean they’re in hospital or have been discharged.

The headmaster of Knox confirmed the brothers’ deaths in a letter to parents this morning.

It comes after authorities confirmed the deaths of a Queenslander Julie Richards, 47, and her daughter Jessica Richards, 20, along with Adelaide man Gavin Dallow yesterday afternoon.

It’s understood the number of Australians killed is now at nine, though a number of missing people are presumed dead.

Authorities are still trying to gain access to White Island to recover bodies, though the risk is still too high for crews to go there.

Meantime, two Australian survivors have been brought home for treatment.

More are expected to be flown home today.